Groove Belt

The Groove Belt™ is good for the office, the woods, the backyard, and everything in between! Just adjust to fit once and forget. The Groove Belt has the perfect amount of stretch giving you the most comfortable all-day fit ever.
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28´´ - 32´´ - S

33´´- 36´´ - M

37´´-40´´ L

41´´ 60´´ XL

51´´ -60´´ XXL

  • Men's Stretch Nylon Belt with Magnetic Aluminum Buckle, Lifetime Coverage
  • Magnet closure
  • The buckle uses high-strength, neodymium magnets for an easy, seamless snap-on/snap-off. And includes what we like to call Stiff-Tech™ (aka no folding in your belt loops). Proprietary webbing, rare-earth neodymium magnets, and an A380 aluminum alloy buckle, so that when the apocalypse hits and we all move to Mars, you’ll be ready for anything!

  • SPACE-TECH - Between our proprietary webbing, rare earth neodymium magnets, and A380 aluminum alloy buckle, you will basically be an astronaut.
  • STIFF-TECH - This belt is gonna stay on you like the bad tattoo from your last metal show in 1998 and not lose its form.
  • ANT ´´ - S I-FLAP - We designed the end to tuck neatly behind the belt. For the occasional rogue fly away, we've added our secure keeper loop.
  • SNAP-TECH - The correct term is neodymium magnets but we like to say Strong as Hell. Just listen to that SNAP. These bad boys snap and latch instantly.
  • SIZING - We've made it really easy. Just match your pant size and we'll do the rest. If you are at the low end of a size, consider sizing down.
  • Your waist will thank you.
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