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Vela Piney Moose Hood Dress

$72.00 $42.00
The Hooded Sweatshirt Dress will become the most versatile hoodie in your closet. With an extra long length, it works as a cozy, comfy, and soft dress, with or without pants underneath. The kangaroo pocket sit slightly lower, and with thumbholes and doubl
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Have you ever been so in awe of nature that it all stands still? In Vail, CO there is a magical place called Piney Lake. At Piney Lake you can see the majestic Gore Range mountains, and if you are lucky and up early enough, you just might see a moose or a family of them gently wading into the still waters. We were lucky enough to witness this on our paddleboards one very chilly morning. The vision has stuck with us and now turned into the gorgeous Piney Lake Moose artwork.

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