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Call Us By Phone: Park City +1 (435) 800 2170

Hours of Operation Monday to Thursday 10-6 pm. Friday - Saturday 10-7pm. Most Sundays we are open 11-5 pm

Email Us: [email protected]

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Park City - 1182 Center Dr. Ste D160, Park City UT 84098



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Northland USA
1182 Center Drive Suite D160
Park City, Utah 84098

+1 435 800-2170
Mon-Sat from 10am to 6pm

[email protected]
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[email protected]
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Mon-Sat: 10am to 6pm

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Frequently asked questions

1. Any questions?
1.1 What's Northland's mission?

Our core mission and driving force has always been, and always will be, to enable and inspire more people to spend time in nature. We want our products to help you feel secure and at home in the outdoors, now and in the future. We want them to be with you on your most memorable journeys and adventures. So we develop and create in a thoughtful manner and design for lifetimes of wear. We don't chase short-term goals, follow trends or compromise on quality. Our future and the future of nature are intertwined.

1.2 How do I wash my down jacket?

How do I wash my down jacket? 
To wash your down coats you will need special down detergent  and a side loading washing machine. The agitating arm in top loading machines is not good for the down baffles. Wash your jackets according to the directions on the down detergent. When drying you will want to add a couple clean tennis balls to the load. The tennis balls break up the clumped down feathers to increase their loft.

1.3 How long are your jackets?

Our jackets come in two common lengths: jacket length is typically at the waist, and parka length is generally at mid-thigh.

1.4 What is your warranty policy?

Northland provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects, and does not include accidental damage. The warranty policy is not valid on products purchased from consumer driven sites. Northland has the authority to determine that if the cost of the repair exceeds a reasonable amount a replacement product will be issued in lieu of a repair. We do not perform non-warranty related repairs or alterations. If your garment has a manufacturing defect please contact [email protected] to obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The average turnaround time for a repair is approximately three to four weeks. In order to adhere to government regulations all items are required to be cleaned prior to being returned for repair.

Manufacturing Defects include:
- Split seams
- Snaps and/or buttons that have fallen, or are tearing off
- Broken zippers
- Broken buckles


1.5 Why does Northland use recycled materials?

As long as they meet our requirements on durability and functionality, we try to use recycled materials whenever we can. This is simply because by using materials that are already out there we save energy and resources, rather than using more energy to extract new raw materials.

1.6 Why does Northland use organic materials?

Organic materials are produced under strict requirements covering chemical usage and biodiversity preservation, which results in lower environmental and social impacts than conventionally-produced materials.

1.7 Where does Northland's down come from?

All of Northland's down comes from one supply-chain set-up that we created to ensure full traceability from farm to product. Our down is a by-product for the meat industry and we can trace it to a group of farms in China all delivering to one processor. Our Down Promise is one of the best in the outdoor industry and ensures that the highest animal welfare standards are maintained. Absolutely no live plucking takes place.


1.8 How does Northland ensure high animal welfare standards are maintained in its supply chain?

Our animal welfare standard is something all of our suppliers must agree to. But only if we have traceability can we actually follow up on this with inspections. This is why we are working so hard on ensuring traceability in all our animal-derived material supply chains. For those materials where we don't yet have a full traceability, we rely on a close dialogue with our supplies and we favor suppliers that share our vision around ethics and sustainability. Our Code of Conduct covers animal welfare. All our suppliers sign this and guarantee that animal welfare standards will be maintained.

1.9 It's great to use sustainable materials. But does this mean there's a compromise on durability?

For us durability is vital. If a product lasts a long time this has a massive impact on the overall sustainability of the product. Most CO2 emissions actually arise during use. So if we can ensure a product lasts a long time, the overall carbon footprint is lowered. Therefore, we ensure all our materials, even the most sustainable ones, are durable and long-lasting. We don't choose materials that will result in a less durable product.