A little bit about Northland

Northland Professional is an Austrian outdoor lifestyle brand established in 1973.  For over 47 years Northland Professional has exceeded the expectations of its customers by providing exceptional quality, uniquely fashionable and highly functional apparel.  Using some of today’s latest technology fabrics blended with their high function designs, Northland Professional has provided its customer with a product line that epitomizes what an outdoor brand should be.  We are extremely proud to be able to offer this amazing brand both in store and online to the U.S. market.

Northland Professional is imported and distributed is the U.S territory by Moonstone Trading LLC. For over 33 years Moonstone Trading has had a major stake in the Outdoor Retail Environment with over 25 of those years importing and marketing the world's foremost outdoor brands in South Patagonia, Argentina and Chile.  Our Mission is to develop relationships with those brands that capture the essence of outdoor adventure.  We believe in the magic of Mother Nature and her amazing ability to evoke inner feelings and sensations that rest in all of us.  We strive to provide top brands that encourage and support those with the attitude of finding adventure around every corner, allowing you to embrace your pursuit of the “outdoorsy spirit”.  

We are super excited to announce the opening of our first Northland Professional flagship store in the U.S. located at  340 South Main Street in Heber City, UT.

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