Sustainnability at Northland


Leaving basecamp in better condition than we found it, it's our philosophy

Since 1973 we have been producing high-quality clothing and equipment that are environmentally friendly

Appreciation and care in dealing with nature and our fellow human beings are important to us. For this reason, we adhere to strict rules when selecting our suppliers so that we support fair and decent working conditions. At the same time, we pay attention to the protection of animals when using the materials. Our garments only adorn faux fur, so that no animal had to suffer for it.

Our high-quality down comes from clearly identifiable sources without live plucking. The processing of the materials is subject to strict ecological standards to protect the environment.

Ethical Sourcing
Due care and diligence in regard to the selection
of our suppliers we have our code of conduct.
All factories are certifi ed either to BSCI social
standards or to the SA 8000 standard.
- no forced labour
- no child labour
- right to organize and to bargain collectively
- no discrimination
- written contracts of employment
- only working hours permitted by law
- no undercutting of minimum wage st
- no impairment of health and safety

Animal Welfare
Northland Professional is a convinced member of
- no use of real fur
- no down from live plucking or foie gras farming
- no use of leather from endangered species
- no mulesing (Merino Sheeps)

Handling of chemicals
- most products are made according
to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100
- no use of PTGE membranes
- increased use of natural materials
(Bamboo, Öko-Cotton, Tencel…)
- reduced use of dyes and chemical dyes through
the deployment of previously spun-dyed yarns


Carbon Footprint
- shortening of transportation routes through
optimal consolidation and direct shipments
to the various countries
- almost all products are transported by
container ship & railway
- increased use of biodegradable materials –
particularly for packaging
- we offer a repair service within Austria and
Germany (2 year warranty)